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Castle Arts Open House Artworks

About Castle Arts

At Castle Arts our mission is to inspire artistic growth and learning in our students. We prioritize the fundamental principles of art and encourage students to explore their imaginations and create unique, innovative works that reflect their personal narratives and connections to the world.

The classes offered by Castle Arts include group and mixed-level courses, taught by teachers who hold degrees in the arts and have extensive experience working with children of all ages. All of Castle Arts' teachers are currently practicing artists or current teachers in the Ontario School Board.

Our curriculum focuses on developing students' artistic techniques and nurturing their creativity through a variety of drawing and painting projects. Additionally, students have the opportunity to experiment with new mediums, such as sculpture and craft projects, during holiday art projects.

Alongside our standard classes, we provide art camps, workshops, and opportunities to exhibit artwork outside of the facility, creating a community-building environment.

Our ultimate goal is to help our students enhance their artistic techniques and foster their creative skills, ultimately leading to a confident and positive outlook towards visual arts!

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