At Castle Arts we understand that every student is unique and along with that a preferred style of learning. For this reason our art classes are limited to seven students per teacher for both semi-private mixed level art classes and group art classes. Our teachers are all qualified Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT) who have a background, passion, and supporting University degree within the arts to offer the best learning experience for each student!

Our mixed level art classes are held in a semi-private structure and is designed for students who are seeking to learn or improve a particular art skill. Students who enroll in this can expect to progress at their own pace. Whether it is learning the basics of cartooning, painting, or portraiture, each student is given a unique tailored-to-fit curriculum and one-on-one instructions with step by step demonstrations in how they should plan and create their art works. 



    Our group art classes are taught in a semi-private structure with limited enrollment per group. We offer several group classes to students of all age and skill ranges to create an interactive learning environment. Students learn to communicate and express their ideas with other students of similar age and art skill. Group classes allow students to become critical thinkers as they share their ideas and motivate others in the classroom.  


How to register for a trial class

Step 1: Fill in the registration form here 

Step 2: An email confirmation will be sent to you to confirm your booking