• Offering small class ratios - 1:2 for semi-private and 1:4 for group classes

  • Clear quality guided drawings using Ipad and tablet screen sharing

  • Taught by Ontario Certified Teachers

  • Free trial classes and 10% off sibling/friend discount!

Castle Arts Learning Teacher and Student View

What does our online class look like?

Our online classes are live chats where teachers and students can interact through online video chats. Teachers will be using a screen sharing option from their tablet or iPads to present clear quality guided drawings. On the left is our teacher view where teachers see students and their artworks. On the right is our student view where students can view their teacher's step-by-step instructions.

Castle Arts Online Trailer Video Screenshot

How does screen sharing work?

Screen sharing means that teachers can share what they are drawing on their tablet and iPad in real time to students. Internet bandwidth and video chat cameras can cause low video quality. This will make it difficult for students to view their teacher's guided drawings. However students can expect to view crystal clear guided drawings from us regardless of internet speed!

Castle Arts and learning online class art flyer page 2 2021.jpg
Castle Arts and learning online class art flyer page 3 2021.jpg

How to register for a trial class

Step 1: Email or call (647) 802 7250 to book a

trial class. If you are interested in our FALL 2021 schedule (Starting September 13)

Please register here for a trial class:


Step 2: An email confirmation will be sent to you to confirm your booking

Step 3: Download ZOOM app and prepare materials ahead of time

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