Can my child have a trial class before they start?

Yes! All students can have a FREE TRIAL CLASS. The student will get to know their teacher and the teacher will get to understand the student’s art interests and skills. Afterwards, the teacher will provide parents a plan of what the student will be doing in the following months to provide a better insight of what they will learn.


What do I need to bring to art class?

Students should bring their art materials, water, and extra snacks if needed (we provide small snacks such as nut-free cookies for students to eat during our short break). We recommend students wear clothes that they are not afraid of getting paint on (we don’t want their favourite shirt to be ruined!).


Do we need to purchase all art materials?

Some art materials will be provided for students depending on their level. All junior level students will need to purchase a sketchbook but will be provided all other basic art materials (ex. pencil crayon, paint, oil pastel, etc.). For all intermediate and senior level students, higher quality art materials (ex. paints, and shading/pencils sets) are strongly recommended to help them develop advanced skills. Your child's skill level will be determined during the trial class and a list of required materials will be brought to your attention (if necessary). Although not required, all art materials can be purchased at our centre for your convenience. For seasonal holiday projects any extra art materials will be covered! 


I already have the art materials that are required, do I need to purchase a new set?

We recommend students bring their art materials first to class and teachers will decide if they need to buy a more suited art materials for what they will be learning in class. 


Do students get art homework?

Students do not get art homework BUT if they wish to practice more, teachers can recommend what they can do at home to get better. They may also bring back what they practiced at home and the teachers can give them more advice on their work. We encourage students to ask teachers for homework! Students can always email teachers if they have any questions.


Are there any discounts?

Yes, all weekly art classes are eligible for a 5% sibling discount which can stack up to 10%! You must pay for the whole month in one purchase in order to use your discount.


How and when do I pay?

Class payments are paid at the first week of every month. We accept cash, cheque, e-transfer, and debit payments. There is a minimum payment of how many classes occur within that month. For example, if you register for the month of March and there are 4 weeks you will pay for the 4 classes. Exceptions may apply for discounts and promotions. 


What if I miss a class? Are there any make up classes or credits?

If there are any missed classes you can choose to have a class credit for the next month or we can schedule a make up class on another day. Only one class credit is allowed per month. The only time there are no make up classes or class credits is if there are cancellations on the day of. Just call, email, or text us 24 hours ahead of time to arrange a make up class! Exceptions apply for emergencies (student is ill, snow days, family emergency, etc.).

Art Class FAQ

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